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Optimizing Digital Platforms for Healthcare Associations

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association represents the international research-based pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and provides the website to provide accurate data on all medicines available in Ireland. is an online resource that provides patient information leaflets, a summary of product characteristics (SmPCs) and educational materials (risk management materials) for most medicines on the Irish market.

Increased regulatory compliance complexity in the healthcare industry means more innovative and digitally driven solutions are constantly needed.

In 2017 the IPHA realized they needed to upgrade the accuracy, functionality, and usability of their platform. This was decided to keep their members compliant with changing regulatory and registration requirements by providing the most accurate information available.

Poor archiving and software structuring by their technology provider at the time was frustrating  their membership, and causing delays in updating vital records in their system.

We have a close working relationship with eConcepts as project partners and they are highly consignant of the operational and technical needs of

– Rebecca Cramp | Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager, IPHA

About the Project

eConcepts Web Solutions won the competitive tender for an entire overhaul of the online platform.

The upgrading of the platform took (XXX insert) months, with particular attention paid to implementing XYZ insert something you did.

The platform was improved in the following ways:

  • x
  • y
  • z

Today’ contains accurate, up to date, regulator approved information on medicines available in Ireland.

The site is a comprehensive and easily searchable source of medicines information.

Expansion and new features for the site are continuously being developed

Current Features:

  • Modern mobile responsive web design.
  • Easy uploading of all information for users.
  • Ease of management by Association.
  • Ongoing design and development work to further expand and improve system
  • Custom data analytics and etc etc.
  • Search Functions: Medicines, Active Ingredients, Companies, for increased cross referencing.
  • Multiple Frontend and backend applications for increased functionality.
  • Advanced Search parameters
  • Advanced Data Management System.
  • API Toolkit – What is this? was shortlisted for 2019 Irish Healthcare Awards and eConcepts share our ambitious development goals for the platform.

Rebecca Cramp | Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Manager, IPHA

The site is a comprehensive and easily searchable source of medicines information.

Ongoing eConcepts services for include:

  • Meeting with IPHA on a bi-weekly basis to discuss ongoing operation & development of
  • Providing IPHA with monthly reports on the operation of
  • Operating a user support facility for members
  • Updating User Manual, FAQ and News documentation for participating members in line with updates to
  • Joining participating members project group on to answer queries and assess feedback
  • Operating User Acceptance Testing for major updates to
  • Developing newly requested features, improvements to existing site and designing solutions for long term goals

Other Services provided to

  • Fast website performance and robust hosting security.
  • Multiple user roles
  • Document upload and information facility, including history tracking, rollback to previous revision and system logs.
  • Comprehensive search facility on the public facing website

State of in 2021:

With regular consulting with the IPHA and upgrading of the platform continues to improve and innovate services and usability for its members and the public. 

In fact the bespoke website won silver in the “Innovation of the Year” category at the 2020 Pharma Industry Awards. 

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