The Pharmaceutical Industry is the largest industry in Ireland by a large margin, contributing over 52 Billion Euro to the Irish Economy annually.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) represents the international pharmaceutical research industry in Ireland.

One of the main roles of IPHA is keeping the healthcare professions up-to-date on all pharmaceuticals produced and supplied in Ireland, by publishing, one of the most comprehensive sources of information on medicines.


Ongoing training of staff and continued changes in the compliance environment in Ireland meant that a dynamic, flexible, and up to date regulatory training and certification program was needed for all the Pharmaceutical Research Companies in Ireland.

IPHA invested heavily every year in many such programmes but members and the IPHA Directors were dissatisfied with the results.

The IPHA needed a modern, smart, digital platform that could cater to all Pharmaceutical Research Companies at the same time, providing real time training, examination, and certifications of pharmaceutical company employees on the legislation and voluntary codes of practice.

They needed someone to redevelop

Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association

Project Duration: 2018 - Present


IPHA put the requirement out to competitive tender and the winner was eConcepts, a digital consulting firm based in Dublin that specializes in serving both the Healthcare Industry and Digital Education Sector.

Excited by the prospect of pioneering additional online education and healthcare training tools, eConcepts re-developed[CM1] to serve the expanding educational and training needs of the IPHA.



After weeks of scoping , talking with IPHA and other industry stakeholders, and dynamic design, eConcepts began the process of constructing and launching

The previous developer of training processes had a very inflexible system which was unsuited for purpose[CM2] .

eConcept’s task was scoped to:

a. Make the site more user-friendly, to optimize it for mobile, and to allow for more reporting features for designated site administrators.

b. Document Viewing: Upload archive, and curate all the legal and regulatory documents onto the new system,

c. Online Learning: Modernize the IPHA online Training platform to give more flexibility and control over the training of all pharmaceutical company employees on the legislation and voluntary codes of practices.

d. Provide training in how to correctly advertise and market their products within Ireland.

e. Set and manage the examination process under the direction of IPHA, including writing of tests and the issuing of certificates to successful candidates.

f. Ongoing user support to trainees, addressing any issues that arise with their training.

Drawing on their experience honed from 5 years[CM3] conducting research into digital training programs and tools with two Irish Universities, eConcepts developed a custom training platform for the IPHA.

The new website took XXX[CM4] months from the signing of the contract to the launch of the prototype system.

Innovations on the way
The system, while easy to use, featured the latest in online learning techniques and online learning user experience, all while ensuring the optimal learning process for users.

On the front end this was achieved through the strategic use of elements, font sizes, friendly colour schemes and text contextual elements, and easier use of click throughs and buttons.

Using Smart Archiving processes[CM5] eConcepts extracted all the data from the IPHA PDF documents and digitised the information.

One of the unique services eConcepts offered was actually reviewing all the archived compliance data and generating all the course units for the curriculum for the compliance courses and questions for the examination and certification of IPHA members.

And using a series of multiple choice questions with over 1500 possible answers the examination breaks down the curriculum section by section into easily completed courses.

Each curriculum section corresponds directly to the IPHA code booklets.

The Irish Pharmaceutical Health Association now has a custom made secure turn key easy to use regulatory education, training, examination, and certification program that saves their members time and money.

All IPHA members can be 100% sure their employees are armed with the tools and training to avoid regulatory mistakes that could cost their companies millions.

Certification of Members: An important part of even was the provision of certificates to members who successfully completed the training.

The new website allows for real time online access to proof of certification and employers can also at any stage check the course progress of any employee.

The course progress and pass rates can easy be changed as required in response to the relative difficulty of each individual multiple choice question and changing regulatory requirements.

Pfizer were so impressed when they saw the website they hired eConcepts to build them another inhouse education and training platform for their exclusive training purposes.

eConcepts continues to improve and expand increasing the training level, liability protection, and satisfaction of all the members of the Irish Pharmaceutical Health Association.

If you have any requirement or interest in automating your training, examination or certification processes for your industry or association eConcepts(Link) will be happy to answer all their questions.