Prevention & Early Intervention Network

The Prevention and Early Intervention Network (PEIN) is a representative body for many diverse non-profit organizations in the Child Healthcare industry.

Digital Interventions Proven to grow Association Memberships

PEIN seeks to promote effective approaches in child healthcare and to provide a collective voice for the child healthcare sector.

PEIN has become a world leader in the design, implementation, and evaluation, of evidence informed services which intervene early, seeking to prevent difficulties for children and families and to identify and respond to emerging difficulties early.

Since 2010 the PEIN has offered its members opportunities to learn, share, challenge, and collaborate in a supportive environment.

As with many associations, especially in the healthcare field, and associations with diverse memberships, PEIN needed to rapidly improve and expand the services it could offer its members while expanding the reach of the PEIN network.

Prevention & Early Intervention Network

Project Duration: 2018 - Present


The issues that PEIN had to address were:

Getting new members to sign up to the organization.

  • PIEN didn’t have a website.
  • Inability to promote PEIN or its causes across the healthcare sector.
  • PEIN needed avenues to publicize the latest industry news to its members and the general public.

PEIN put their requirements out to competitive tender, and eConcepts, an award winning Dublin based digital innovation company won the contract due to their award winning expertise in the medical and not for profit industries.

eConcepts started the process by consulting the Board of PEIN and with its members to defining

  • What content was required on their website,
  • How it would be accessed, and
  • What level of technical skill would be required to operate and update it.



After consulting with PIEN members and directors a framework for the layout of the site to maximize members satisfaction  and the use of the website as an advertising tool was developed.

As eConcepts uploaded all the PIEN content and information to the new website a comprehensive Information Directory was created.

Even though the contract was for full service support eConcepts decided that the website should be as easy as possible for PEIN members to use and the board to update themselves if they wished.

Mobile enabled: Part of the member satisfaction planning involved making the website fast and mobile enabled.

To ensure ease of use and future ease of development by any future site developers the website was built using WordPress, a most common and most user friendly site construction tool.

A major requirement for the build was ease of publication of news and industry newsletters and that members could update the continually growing information directory without needing expensive IT assistance.

In addition to these steps PEIN needed the ability to easily publish dynamic:

  • Product Catalogues
  • Podcasts
  • News/Events Library



The website was developed, tested, and troubleshooted, and PEIN members were trained to manage the data and advertising functions independently.

When the site was launched in May 2018, it immediately became evident that membership recruitment, publishing of news, and effective collaboration between members had increased dramatically.

The website functions exactly as planned, the members are very happy, and members can change any aspect of the website themselves as the narrative of the organization changes. 

Today PIEN has a full service website that is attractive, easy to use, and is a very successful marketing, and promotional tool that is growing memberships and enabling ease of communication across the entire PIEN network.

eConcepts continue to provide ongoing maintenance for the PEIN site and advice when requested.