The Irish Association of Physical Theraposts

The Irish Association of Physical Therapists (IAPT) has been ensuring the excellence of its members in the field of Physical Therapy since 1991.

Membership of the IAPT is essential for its members to be eligible to have the cost of their services to their clients covered by health insurers in Ireland.

Increasingly complex marketing and regulatory requirements and lack of a coordinated online presence had left IAPT members lagging behind other professional associations in Ireland.

Digital Tools to take the backache out of growing healthcare association memberships.

The IAPT needed a website which would;

  • Help coordinate and manage the organization’s activities
  • Promote work the IAPT does
  • Encourage more people to utilize the services provided by the members.
  • Provide an easy way for members to be able to update their own online profiles and manage various aspects of the administration of the organization.

The Irish Association of Physical Therapists

Project Duration: 2018 - Present


IAPT needed;

  • A website built from scratch,
  • Advice on how the look and functionality of the website impacts its effectiveness,
  • A detailed directory of all members created and curated.
  • Ongoing support and fast reaction times for issues as they arose.
  • A flexible website that could easily be updated. 

The IAPT put their requirements out to tender and eConcepts were selected to build the website due to their expertise in the field of Online Healthcare Solutions.



eConcepts started with a strategy of scoping in detail all the requirements of the IAPT by interviewing IATP members and the directors of the organization.

All factors were considered from structural issues like functionality to aesthetic issues like logos and photographs of the organization and its members.

From there eConcepts undertook 3 months working partnership and website construction phase, which included among many other tasks the uploading and expanding their directory listings.

One of the requirements was that the webpages needed to be accessible by the general public (front facing) but also needed to archive more detail that would only be accessible to the members of the association.

eConcepts implemented a bespoke IAPT Members directory, easily searchable for any website visitor, to find the best manual therapists across Ireland. The application boosted the visibility of our members, allowing for greater access from members of the public, and allowed us to communicate more directly with our members, through a dedicated members section. 

  • Searchable Directory
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Members Area for further education and information dissemination

State of today: 

The IAPT was delivered a modern and professional website with a fully searchable directory of all registered physical therapists in Ireland, which serves the needs of its members.

The IATP have a full service maintenance contract with eConcepts, and any issues they have or updates they need for their website is taken care professionally and promptly, allowing the IATP to serve their members undisturbed by technical issues.

 “I have no hesitation in recommending eConcepts for their excellent professionalism, customer service and most importantly, the quality of the work they provide to us.”  

Niamh Killeen – Irish Congress of General Practitioners Web Services Manager